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"Childhood lost" Wular - A Story Hub.

Posted by [email protected] on May 18, 2016 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (40)

Kashmir “Paradise on earth” this is the quote which i grew with ,. And very obsessed with ... while i keep getting older and older my perception changed

Went to Kashmir to see the conditions after the floods. Asked my brother to company me to nearest village in Bandipur district LANKRISHIPPRA.. While we were moving in I remember people looking at me as if I was some government official who have come there for some relief survey.. And after crossing the village I saw a boy of 13 years old coming towards me from the wular lake while rowing the boat I asked him to can he please take me inside the lake and show me around .. While we were going in started feeling bad as rowing the boat in that fast flowing water was very difficult for him.

I asked you are not going school? His reply was I used to go but from last 2 years I haven't been.


Because every day I have go in the lake and catch fishes.

What ?

Sir my father is ill from last two years he can't move, we don't have anyone to earn for us .. So I am doing that


How are you earning ?

Early morning get into the wular with my this boat and start fishing .. I catch fishes till 1 pm then I go home for lunch.

And what you do after the lunch?

Sir we have a cow and her calf , so after lunch I again go into the wular with this same boat and start collecting submerged grasses like lotus leaves and others and it serves as food for our cattles . So this is what I do.


And what you do to those fishes which you catch ?


Every morning my mother carry those fishes to the bandipora market and sells them till 3 pm .


I left that place with sadness on my face which left me in deep thinking how that kid lost his childhood . These things are not new to him and he is strong enough to handle everything and it thought me an amazing lesson time teaches you everything and it prepares you .

Whole night I was thinking about that kid . Next morning I again went to meet the boy and spent 3 more hours with him then I went to his home . Where I saw his father laying down. His mother was holding a kid and bought me tea .. They have been living there since there birth still they don't have ration card till date because they have nobody to follow those offices where no single file moves with a penny. They also deserve a good life , good education but it will never happen because we are living a state which has broken all records in corruption.


I don't know how can these servents of public think they are their rulers.