Kashmir International Film Festival

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About Wular Trust 

Our objective is to dedicate all our energies to promote and rejuvenate Wular lake - Asia's Largest Fresh Water Lake, and its people's traditions/Cultures.
We are here to make a difference in our ways and acts. we are just trying to fight for future and preserve this legacy of natural beauty and resources for our generations to come. Loosing our natural resources is not like loosing few of our shares in the stock market or exchange it's the serious concern and thousands of lives dependent on them whether directly or indirectly.
We are trying to safeguard our future generations from the disturbances and interference we have created with the mother nature. We are here trying to find solutions for the starving people residing around the bands of this beautiful lake for their earning and livelihoods as there cries always go unheard as nobody ever pays a heed to what they are facing because of the so called modernization and development of the world at the cost of turning these water resources into the industrial environment.
We are trying to safeguard thousands of dying animals and plants, fishes in this habitat because of our lack of farsightedness. We are making them die everyday and letting to disturb the ecological balance.
Everyday in newspapers and scientific journals we hear of animals going extinct and vanishing forever. In our age we are still able to see some of the jungles full of birds or i can say left with some biodiversity of flora and fauna. But i wonder if all these left over species from our once used to be rich biodiversity is going to still exist for our generations to come are we in a position to pass this legacy safely what we had inherited from mother nature to our future children.
It's high time we start worrying about all these things seriously. All this is happening in front of our eyes still we are acting like blinds I'm surprised to see our negligence on these delicate issues as we think we have ample time to find the solutions and fix these problems created by our own irresponsible and immature behavior.
I think it's right time and call from nature that we should act as a single world towards one single goal of saving and safeguarding our environment with full of dignity, concerns and attention that it deserves from we people.

We as Trust Organizes festivals on Wular, Film Festivals at Srinagar, Aware campaigns, train Fisher mans. 
All this has been possible only because of your help and support. Please keep donating.